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CENTRE is head and shoulders above our competitors. CENTRE is organized in a fashion which keeps top-level administration from interfering with management level decisions. Furthermore, we do not use the services of sub-contractors. All work is accomplished within CENTREs administrative superstructure. For example, if on Friday evening, our client wants an advertising booklet in Paris on Monday morning CENTRE can make this happen. Or on December 27 a client comes to us wanting 100 individually wrapped New Year corporate gifts, our client will sleep well knowing that CENTRE is working and the order will be completed on time.

Print run

With graphics it is important to balance price and quantity with quality. Many companies require a very large print run to bring the cost per graphic down. At CENTRE we are able to offer our clients prices no others can match any print run. Large or small.

Creative production

One client asked for a gold coin with company logo. He was amazed we could have one produced. They had searched many places for this. Of course this was a very unique idea and CENTRE was able to fulfill their wish. We can find solutions that our competitors cannot.

Engineers and inventors are fond of saying: If it can be thought of, it can be done. At CENTRE we live this everyday as we bring into life the creative ideas of our clients. If you want it, we can make it happen.

Other possibilities

Construction and design of packaging for unique commercial equipment

Production of mobile exhibition and commercial stands

Design and simulation of industrial goods

Legal Assistance

All questions connected with copyright protection

Preparation, registration and delivery of patent and copyright documents

Registration of commercial signs

Estimate of intellectual resources

Resolution of all legal questions regardless of nature

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