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- CENTRE has the ability to perform a comprehensive and thorough audit of your advertising campaign.  A media audit is essential to determine the effectiveness and profitability of your advertising investment.  Properly executed an audit will improve and optimize subsequent advertising campaigns. 

Media auditing is relatively new for advertising services in Ukraine.  More and more companies are demanding this service in order to assess how well their advertising dollar (investment) is performing and to know exactly what results are being achieved.

A thorough media audit will ---


n  evaluate progress during your advertising campaign

n  Show how to optimize your advertising budget for future campaigns.

n  Discover when to advertise and in what volume for optimum results.

n  Make future advertising more effective and reduce budget.


Experience demonstrates how effective a media audit is after one year of advertising. An audit allows CENTRE and its client to reduce advertising costs by up to 24% with no loss of advertising effectiveness.  Ongoing audits can achieve up to a 40% reduction.  CENTRE is ready to increase your control of effectiveness and profitability of your advertising investment.



Success of our client - our success!

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