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No one argues the thought that everyone can come up with good ideas. Research, though, has found that only two percent of the worlds population can truly develop a new idea. In todays competitive market new ideas are essential to make your product or service standout in the crowd and in turn increase your bottom line.

Effective creative ideas involve --

--- Proper positioning of your product or service

--- The ability to get inside of consumers consciousness and motivate them to action

--- The ability to correctly design ad rotation for increased effectiveness of your ad campaign

At CENTRE we develop and discover the unique aspects of your product or service and present the idea in a manner, which the consumer or client understands, and who in turn, will desire to use your product or service. True evaluation of an advertisement is not about the appearance of the people in the ad or which phrase or picture is the most beautiful. The sole criterion in which CENTRE evaluates an advertisement is: how has it increased our clients level of sales. Our specialists will work with you to systematize your product information and produce a successful formula to increase your market share. Give CENTRE the opportunity to show you how we interact with our clients. Together we can we can produce tangible results.


In todays world its all about image. People invest in quality apparel and wear fine cologne, likewise with your product or service. Proper design of your advertising reflects your companys image. Its the same when we have a toothache. We find an experienced dentist who knows how to treat our dental problem and stand by their work. CENTRE will prevent your advertising toothaches. Take preventative advertising action with CENTRE, your advertising image specialist.

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